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The Players Club

Title: The Players Club
Author: Ice Cube
Publisher: New Line Productions, Inc.
Copyright: 1998

Writer and director Ice Cube (Anaconda, Friday) leads an all-star cast in The Players Club - a revealing, gritty and funny look at a gentlemen's club through the eyes of a strong willed co-ed. For gorgeous and smart Diana (newcomer Lisaraye), there is no choice but to work her way through college. So it's difficult to resist the easy money that club owner Dollar Bill (Bernie Mac, How to Be a Player, Friday) offers her to strip at The Players Club. She avoids the pitfalls of dancing by trusting no one excpet the respectable and funny DJ (Jamie Foxx, Booty Call, TV's The Jamie Foxx Show). But when her naive cousin joins the club and gets into all sorts of trouble, Diana has to figure a way out for both of them before they go down with the building. With a heavy-hittin' soundtrack featuring Ice Cube, Master P and many more, The Players Club is a laugh-filled, music-backed, action-packed ride through the sleaziest part of town! 

Language: English

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