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Urban Latino Hip Hop

Title: Urban Latino Hip Hop
Publisher: AVA Records
Copyright: 2006

This DVD features the past the the present Hip Hop Reggaeton and Merengue Hip Hop hits of the past 10 years of Latin Hip HOp culture. Some of the top performers included in the DVD are 2-Minicanos DJ Uncle Al Nel-Zone Little Boys from the Underground Baby Cat La Cuadra and Sufuciente.Song Titles:Perreo Obsesion (Nakor); Muevelo Menealo (DJ Uncle Al); Donde Estan las Mujeres )2 Minicanos) Curios of Reggae Nuevo Amanecer (Nel-Zone) Hit Flavor (Little Boys) Masters of Rap Doble Problema (Baby Cat) Dale Pa' Bajo (Cuadra) Mjuevelo (Sufuciente).

Language: Spanish
Copies at the Archive: 1

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