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VIBE (01/2003)

Title: VIBE (01/2003)
Author: Wilbekin, Emil
Co-authors: Quincy Jones
Publisher: VIBE/SPIN Ventures LLC, New York
Copyright: 2003

Best Solo Artist: Jay-Z reveals the real deal on street hustling, becoming an urban entrepreneur, and what's up with Foxy, R. Kelly, and Nas. By Shawn Carter

Third Annual Vibe of the Year Award Winners: Scarface, Eve, The Neptunes, Tweet, Nas, Slum Village, B2K, Nelly

Joy Bryant: Hollywood Homegirl

Snoop: Old Dog, New Tricks

The Aggressives: Female Masculinity

Jam Master Jay: R.I.P. 1965-2002

Language: English
Pages: 136
Copies at the Archive: 1

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