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William C. Faure's Shaka Zulu

Title: William C. Faure's Shaka Zulu: The Landmark Series
Author: Faure, William
Publisher: A&E Television Networks

The Complete 10 Part Television Epic

He was an illegitimate prince who reclaimed his birthright with brilliance and brutality. He created a vast new nation from warring tribes and forged an army that defied the most powerful empite on earth. He was Shaka Zulu.

Brought to life in an epic, 10 part production, the story of the legendary, 19th-century African king became one of the most compelling and controversial miniseries in television history. From his boyhood in exile to the bloody struggles that solidified his rule and his proud defiance of British colonies, Shaka Zulu is the unforgettable tale of a man who stood at the heart of a battle between two worlds. 

 Filmed entirely on location in South Africa, Shaka Zulu stars Christpher Lee (The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Episode II), Edward Fox (The Dresser, Gandhi) and Henry Cele as Shaka. 


 DVD Features:

Interviews with Director and Stars, Gallery of Original Pre-Production Concept Art, Gallery of Production Photos, and Essay on th History of British Colonialism in Africa and the Significance of the Zulu Wars.

Language: English
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