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Black Music Seminar: Hiphop History, Culture, and Politics

Akil Houston
Ohio University

AAS 357 Black Music Seminar: Hiphop History, Culture, and Politics by Akil Houston @ Ohio University

This course is designed to engage scholars in a process of discovering and developing critical analytical skills within the context of Hiphop history, culture, and politics. This course will explore Hiphop culture as a manifestation of Africana visual, performance and oral traditions. It will explore Africana cultural practices that have given rise to the numerous manifestations of Hiphop over its thirty-plus year history in the United States and abroad. Hiphop has affected/infected all facets of popular culture from the classroom to the corporate boardroom. This course examines the development, contradictions and various representations of Hiphop culture. This course is designed to increase students’ depth of knowledge of Hiphop within the context of Africana cultural practices, the history and various positions about what Hiphop is/is not and provide opportunities for dialogue and further study. Toward accomplishing the goal of investigating Hiphop history, culture, and politics; film, various media texts and possibly guest lecturers will be used to facilitate this learning experience. Scholars will be expected to submit papers, complete oral reports, and participate in class projects for successful completion of this course.

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