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Hip Hop

Nkiru Nzegwu
Binghamton University
Before 2005

Initially a U.S. black urban expressive culture, hip-hop has become a formidable global cultural phenomenon. In going global, hip-hop has taken the angst, hope, social and political conditions of life in the inner cities to the global stage. It has become an anti-establishment culture spawning its own special mode of communication and dress styles and fostering a culture of resistance to institutional dominance, class exploitations and middle-class values. Course studies hip-hop’s development, history, communication style, dance form, moral framework and process of globalization. It begins by asking “What is hip-hop?” Next, it outlines the relationships among rap, dub and hip-hop and identifies the key figures of this global movement. In reconstructing the growth and major moments of this life form, it examines the myriad dimensions of this culture through its music, lyrics, spoken-word poetry, music videos, dance styles, films and political messages. Teaches knowledge of and appreciation for the arts. Encourages creative expression and effective personal expression in oral mode. \

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