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Politics of the Hiphop Generation

Bakari Kitwana
Kent State University
Before 2005

The politics of the hip-hop generation integrates scholarly work in Political Science and Black Studies, film, postmodern autobiographical narrative, critical race theory, and essays on hip-hop culture and race in America. The primary focus of this course will be the major social and political forces that have shaped young Blacks born between 1965 and 1984. Special attention will be focused on the hip-hop cultural explosion (from rap music and hip-hop savvy advertisements to fashion), the prison crisis, the changing economy, the new war of the sexes, and emerging hip-hop activism. A particular concern of this course is the generation gap between hip-hop generationers and their civil rights/ black power parents and some of the ways these distinctions are played out, particularly as hip-hop’s cultural movement attempts to transition into a political one.

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