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Urban Speech Communities - Hip Hop

Marcyliena Morgan
University of California, Los Angeles
Before 2005

This course examines the development of hip hop in the U.S. and its importance as a cultural, political and artistic resource for youth. Youth in the US and throughout the world are national and international leaders as they experience, develop and redefine new technologies and new identities. As a result, they are the catalyst for discussions of globalization, transnationalism, post modernism and urbanization. One aim of the course is to provide theory and resources for those who incorporate hip hop in classrooms and community organizing. In particular, the course will examine hip hop literacy, language and learning, art, performance and dress.

Topics include: community, crime and injustice, economics, education, family, history, identity, language, politics, sports, race and racism, sex and sexism. Particular emphasis will be placed on the importance of hip hop in framing urban youth identity.

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