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True-Skool Radio

Shyne.jpgTrue Skool Radio provides information about College Radio. This genre of radio broadcasting is salient in Hiphop's development and global proliferation. Not only have many Hiphop artists (e.g., Chuck D), Hiphop journalists (e.g., Davey D) and Hiphop entrepreneurs (e.g., James Bernard of The Source) got their industry start in college radio, but much of the current "underground" and "conscious" Hiphop also continues to thrive at such stations.

Is your station or radio program represented? To add your information, log on as a member, or contact the Associate Director of the Hiphop University Project.

New England (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT)

  • 88.1fm WMBR (MIT)
    • Oz- Lyrics of Fury - Sun: 12am-1am
      DJ Big Dub- Straight Outta Komptom Effekt - Th: 1am-2am
      Nomadik- Time Traveling Fri: 10pm-12am
      DJ Jimizz- The Choice is Yours Sat: 10pm-12am]
    • The Street Team Top Ten - Wed 10pm - 12am
      Inner City Groove - Thu: 10pm -12am
  • 88.9fm WERS (Emerson)
    • 88.9@Nite, M-F 8-11pm + Mon: Sab the Ill Finga and K.S. Tu: Nomadik and CV Essence Wed: E-skills, Jayceeoh and Iron Mic Th: False 1 and C-Section Fri: Miss Anna, Goldie and 40D
  • 89.3fm WAMH (Amherst)
    • Junk Poetry - Tu: 8pm - 10pm,
      89.3 FM on da Wire with Teana,DJ Mickel and D - W: 8pm - 10pm
      Brooklyn's Finest - Th: 8pm - 10pm
      DJ Ebony Hip-Hop Power Hour (Plus a Bonus Hour) - Fri: 4pm - 6pm
  • 89.7fm WMHB (Colby)
    • Hipop Nation - Adam L. - Th: 6pm-8pm
      Under The Radar - Th: 8pm-10pm
      Rhyme 'n Time - Th: 10pm-12am
      Skills 101 Radio - Sat: 10pm-12am
      Hip-Hop Saved My Life -Sun: 10pm-12pm
  • 91.1fm WMUA (UMASS AMherst)
    • Trigger Radio - Fri: 6pm - 8pm
  • 91.1fm WRMC (Middlebury)
  • 91.5fm WMFO (Tufts University)
    • Getch yo cake up Radio - Sat: 12-2 am
      Leather Time, hosted by Professor Batmatiks -Sat: 2-3 am
      Nerdy by Nature - Sat: 3 - 4 am
  • 91.3fm WKNH (Keene State College)
    • Yo KSC Raps - Tu: 4pm - 5pm
  • 91.7fm  WHUS (University of Connecticut)
    • Boombox from the Boondocks w/DJ Benny Shaik & Chum The Scrilla Gorilla - Tue: 10pm - 12am
      Rap Attack and Political Fact w/ DJ Felipe & Prof Politics - Thu: 11pm - 1am
      Flying Kites with Phil Podgits w/ Mike Levine & John Dempsey - Thu: 7pm - 8pm
  • 95.3fm WHRB (Harvard)
    • The Darker Side, Sat 9pm - Sun 7am
  • 100.1fm WBRS (Brandeis)
    • Bridget- Check that Rhyme - Sun: 1am-2am
      Hannah/Lower Kase-L- Old School/New School - M: 10:30 pm - 12am
      M-Kess- The Joint Tu: 10pm - 12am
      DJ Kryptic- Friday Night Hang Out Spot - Fri: 8pm-12am


Mid-Atlantic (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania)


South Atlantic (MD, DC, DE, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL)

  • 88.5fm WRAS (Georgia State University)
    • Rhythm & Vibes - Sun: 10pm - 12am
      Theoretical Abstract M: 12am - 2am
      Hush Hush (Instrumental hip hop)- Tu: 8pm - 10 pm
      Tha Bomb (hip hop mix) - Sat: 9-11 pm
      True School Hour (old school hip-hop) - Sat 11pm - 12am


West South Central (OK,TX, AR, LA)

Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Alaska)

Southern California

  • 89.9fm KCRW
    • Chocolate City hosted by DJ Garth Trinidad, M-F 7-9am; 10-12pm Urban rhythms and soul.
  • 90.3fm XHTZ (San Diego)
    • Old school at noon, M-F 12-1pm
  • 90.7fm KPFK (Pacifica Radio)
    • divine forces radio with Fidel Rodriguez, F: 10pm-1am Divine Forces Radio "divine forces radio: escape the matrix--this is real hip-hop." A critical thinking hip-hop edu-tainment show derived from indigenous principles of conduct and morality. Based in Los Angeles, "divine forces radio" travels throughout the world covering censored and inspirational stories that educate and bond the human race closer together. Hosted and produced by Fidel Rodriguez with DJ's Icy Ice and Curse of the World Famous Beat Junkies, Counterstryke of CAL Cutterz, Breeze, and the Aurator. "divine forces radio" focuses on inspirational hip hop music blended with interviews and information that seek the root of truth in a rogue state.
  • 91.9fm KSCB (UC Santa Barbara)
    • Reality Hip-Hop - Sun: 8-10 pm
      Astro Travelin - Sun: 11-12 pm
  • 92.5fm XHRM (Magic, San Diego's "Old School")
  • 100.3fm KKBT (The Beat)
    • PJ Butta, M-F 10pm-2am Street Science with Dominique DiPrima, Su 9-11am Talk, Social Issues, Urban Contemporary music, guest interviews, and open phones.


Cyber Space/ International

Featured Radio Show:

 95.3 WHRB (Harvard)

The Darker Side
Saturday 9pm - Sunday 7am

(Link above opens WHRB's live audio stream)

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