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Visiting The Archive

Nas signing autographs for students after the Ask Nas: One Mic, One Question event at the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute

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Visiting The Hiphop Archive

Ben Horowitz at the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute prior to his Cutting Edge Series talk.

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Nasir Jones Hiphop Fellowship Press Conference

From Left: Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Professor Marcyliena Morgan, Nas, & Christian Ramirez

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Pete Rock, DJ Premier, and 9th Wonder on the HHA Turntables

Pete Rock, DJ Premier, and 9th Wonder at the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute before the "Digging" the Music of Hiphop: These Are The Standards event.

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Author Meets The Critics - That's The Joint!, 2nd Edition

From Left: Murray Forman, Marcyliena Morgan, Mark Anthony Neal, Nicole Hodges Persley, Guthrie Ramsey, Jr., Joycelyn Wilson, Vijay Prashad.

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Teen Voices Magazine Visits The Hiphop Archive

Teen Voices Summer Program members in front of the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute.

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How Hiphop Culture Makes Feminism Work

ThisNicki_Angel_Tupac_0.jpg Women's History Month, we may ask how Minaj's question goes to the heart - or, perhaps, breaks the heart - of our ongoing conversation about gender and sexual politics in Hip Hop Culture. 

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Katrina Knows

Katrina Knows
Katrina was a wake-up call to the Hiphop generation. And we didn’t even know we were asleep! But Katrina Knew. We knew about injustice, racism, class elitism and regional arrogance. We knew we had a president, congress and a country that seemed to be clinging to old school notions of the American dream, where the perfect America was one without cities, diversity and Hiphop...

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