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How Hiphop Culture Makes Feminism Work

ThisNicki_Angel_Tupac_0.jpg Women's History Month, we may ask how Minaj's question goes to the heart - or, perhaps, breaks the heart - of our ongoing conversation about gender and sexual politics in Hip Hop Culture. 

Back Off!: How to Read the Press- It’s the Media!

Back Off.jpgThe national election date is Tuesday November 6 and things are getting heated!  Will you vote?  Do you even think your vote counts? Don't just sit there!

Hiphop Sounds Off: Health Care & Taxes

n 2008, when Barack Obama emerged as the Democratic frontrunner, he was hailed as the "Hip Hop President" and endearingly named "B-Rock" by the hip-hop community. An outpouring of support from artists including Nas, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, will.i.am, Three 6 Mafia and Young Jeezy showed the hip-hop community working in a collaborative effort towards getting the first black "hip hop" president elected.

10 Years of Hiphop Archive!

As we reach the end of another school year we want to congratulate our newest graduates and Hiphop Scholars: Julienne Coleman, Keara Cormier-Hill, and Mark Ragheb. We are so grateful to our undergraduate researchers who've helped us make the Archive what it is today.

Back Off! - "Caution - Women Standing Strong"

Back Off.jpgWomen's History month is the perfect time to reflect on the fact that many women unapologetically support both Hiphop and feminism. When I teach college courses on language use and identity, I ask all of my students to write the words they hear and use to describe women in their communities and on their campus.

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