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Fellowships through the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute

Fellowship Programs: Nasir Jones and More

by design - Hiphop at Harvard

...by design is an ongoing project that reports on emerging ideas, situations and events through the lens of design.

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by design

Transition Tutorials

Below are tutorials that relate to Transition Memos explaining how to execute differnt Hiphop Archive tasks.

What do Harvard and hip-hop have in common?

Melissa Harris-Perry Show: What do Harvard and hip-hop have in common?

Ask Nas: One Mic, One Question Event Video

Ask Nas: One Mic, One Question
Hiphop Archive and Research Institute
October 31, 2013

RESCHEDULED: Nasir Jones Fellowship Press Conference

On September 17th, Nas underwent an unanticipated medical procedure that has hindered his ability to participate in the scheduled events for September, 19th. Accordingly, arrangements will be made to reschedule. Further details will be released as a new date is set.


What is a Fellowship?

What is a Fellowship?

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